Pizza Stone 32 cm (Charcoal) \ 797612

Now you can make delicious pizzas at home with this stone as delicious as those made in traditional brick-ovens. The stone can withstand high oven temperatures and diffuses heat evenly to make crispy well-baked crusts.
You can also cut and serve the pizza on it as it retains heat, so it keeps the pizza warm on the dinner table.
The pizza stone can be used in the oven, and on a the grill.
This ceramic stone is made from high-fired Burgundy clay which is great in conducting and retaining heat for perfectly baked pizzas.
It is solid, durable and chip, crack and scratch-resistant.
The colorful glaze is particularly resistant to heat, scratch, dishwasher and the most aggressive detergents.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Diameter: 32 cm.
Made in France

Price :  SR  194

Part-Number: EH-1034797612
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