Potato Pot (Charcoal) \ 795500

A ceramic pot for slow-cooking potatoes and other vegetables at low temperatures, bringing their delicate flavours while keeping them in a good and appetizing shape.
The ceramic of this pot is made from high-fired Burgundy clay which is great in conducting heat and distributing it gently inside the pot, making it perfect for slow cooking. It is also perfect for serving because it retains heat for long periods keeping food warm.
The ceramic is solid, durable and chip, crack and scratch-resistant.
Unlike other ceramic cookware, Emile Henry's special ceramic can go directly from freezer to hot oven at +250°C.
The colorful glaze is particularly resistant to heat, dishwasher and the most aggressive detergents.
Compatible with all types of cooktops, EXCEPT induction.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Diameter: 25 cm. Capacity: 2 liters
Made in France.

Price :  SR  347

Part-Number: EH-1036795500
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