The brothers Sultan and Khalid established Chef & Chef in 2012, but the story began years earlier. It all started when Sultan was studying MBA in Canada, and he had to learn how to cook at home. Not only he tried with simple recipes, but also learned more advanced ones as he started to love home-cooking. As the recipes became more and more complex, he needed to use specialized cookware and tools to cook. So he visited a specialized store for cooking supplies, and there he got to know all about cooking for the first time, from different materials, like copper and cast iron, to different chef tools and accessories. Sultan began using such professional cookware and tools, and by doing so he experienced the different effects of materials on flavours and taste, and he was able to cook even more delicious meals.

During the time Sultan was in Canada, he was sharing photos of his cooking with his brother Khalid, who at that time was studying business in Jeddah. Khalid really liked the idea especially those dishes looked delicious and healthy. He also got excited and started to learn recipes from his brother and soon began cooking. However, the main challenge Khalid faced was that he could not find specialized stores in Jeddah to buy good quality cookware and tools, so he had to wait for the return of his brother in holidays to bring him what he needed from Canada.

In 2012 Sultan graduated with the MBA degree, and Khalid also graduated with the bachelor degree in business administration as well. Following their graduation, the brothers decided to start their own business, and open a store for fine cookware and chef tools in Jeddah to serve all cooking enthusiast and professional chefs. They then started choosing top brands and communicating with them pitching their idea.

The brothers faced great difficulties with these big companies and brands, as they did not have a store or a brand name or sales or even employees; all they had was an ambitious business plan. The companies declined any cooperation with them, but the brothers did not give up. They persisted and tried over and over again, and finally decided to travel and meet face to face with managers in these company. It was not an easy task, as in some cases it took more than a year to only schedule a meeting, and many companies did not take these meetings seriously. However, the brothers eventually managed to convince these famous brands with their vision and plan, and they signed sales and distribution agreements with them. It was the first time for many of these brands to have a presence in Saudi Arabia, so they also gave full support to the new business. With this achievement, Sultan and Khalid continued setting up their business, and in 2014 they opened their first store marking only the beginning of their ambitious plan to serve the entire Kingdom and the GCC.

Chef & Chef is a Saudi company established in 2012 with the goal of providing a unique experience for chefs and cooking enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia. We opened our first store in Jeddah in 2014, and plan to open more branches throughout the Kingdom. Also, in 2017 we introduced Chef & Chef e-store to reach more cooking enthusiasts and chefs, so we became the leaders in providing such a service in the Kingdom.

We believe that cooking is art, and in Chef & Chef we strive to provide everything a chef needs to cook great dishes. Chef & Chef provides more than 700 items from 13 well-renowned international brands specialized in culinary art. In cutlery, Chef & Chef offers a unique collection of Japanese and German knives for all your culinary needs. Also, we present a great variety of cookware from all materials; such as, copper, clay, ceramic, cast iron, and many more; in addition to a wide range of chef’s tools, like thermometers and smokers. And since any great meal has to be followed by delicious dessert, we offer everything you need to make cakes, cookies, chocolates and all kinds of desserts with our range of silicone moulds, decoration tools, baking mats, and other specialized tools.


To become the first choice for all professional cookware and culinary tools in Saudi Arabia.


To provide the best cookware and culinary tools from international brands for professional chefs and amateur cooks in one place

chef founder

Chef & Chef founders. Left: Sultan Sabr, right: Khalid Sabr


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