Affinity Mini Saute Pan (10 cm) \ 3740.10 -D12

Mini sauté-pan without lid used for reheating or keeping dishes and accompaniments warm before serving, for cooking individual portions for immediate serving.
Made from a combination of stainless steel on the outside and aluminium on the inside.
Hyper reactive material: very rapid increase in temperature; cooking immediately stops when off the heat.
Uniform diffusion of heat on the entire skirt and perfect heat distribution: even cooking. Ideal for reduction cooking, sauces.
Riveted cast stainless steel handle: ergonomic for a comfortable grip; sleek design.
Low temperature guaranteed handle.
Range designed in a modern and elegant style.
High-end mirror polishing.
Compatible with all cooktops including induction.

Made in France.

Dimensions:ø 10 cm

Price :  SR  129
SR  103.20

Part-Number: DB-1031000.10
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