CLASSIC Peeling knife - 4062 / 7 cm (2 ¾")

This small, handy knife with its short sabre-shaped, curved blade is also called a paring knife and is particularly suitable for peeling and cleaning round vegetables and fruit.
Thanks to the special blade shape, potatoes and apples can be peeled quickly and easily for instance. Valuable vitamins directly under the skin are thus retained.
The smooth cutting edge of the peeling knife allows very precise cuts and therefore makes it the ideal aid for scooping out and cutting fruit and vegetables decoratively.
The classic three rivet handle fits perfectly in the hand.
Long-lasting extreme sharpness, thanks to PEtec - WÜSTHOF’s Precision Edge Technology.
Made in Germany / Solingen.

Dimension: 7cm

Price :  SR  323
SR  258.40

Part-Number: WS-1152064062
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