Cookware Set "Silence PRO" 4 pcs \ 91965-A12

Cookware set consisting of:

Sauce Pan 1 Liter. Ø 16 cm I 6.3 in.
High Casserole 1.5 Liter. Ø 16 cm I 6.3 in. with lid.
High Casserole 3 Liter. Ø 20 cm I 8.0 in. with lid.
High Casserole 5 Liter. Ø 24 cm I 9.5 in. with lid.

Designed in simple elegance and equipped with clever characteristics, the pot set offers full comfort and everything a modern cookware needs nowadays. This makes cooking a pleasure and tempting delicacies are conjured up on the table with ease.
Art. 91965
EAN 4004293919656
Weight 7.75 kg
Height 250 mm
width 310 mm
Length 550 mm
Weight unpacked: 6.55 kg
Length unpacked: 34 cm
Width unpacked: 25.5 cm
Height unpacked: 24 cm
Materials: Glass sodalime tempered, Stainless steel 18-10
Colors: transparent
Surfaces: high polish - matt, smooth
Food contact: Yes
Collection: Cookware SILENCE PRO
Temperature resistance: 160 °C
Suitable for dishwasher: Yes
Stove suitability: Yes
Induction stove suitability: Yes
Oven suitability: Yes

Price :  SR  1,181.74
SR  1,004.48



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