Crisbee Stick Cast Iron Seasoning Oil\ CRSBST

Seasoning cast iron has become easier and more accurate thanks to Crisbee, so you can enjoy cooking in your cast iron cookware. Crisbee Stick is made from a special blend of natural oils and beeswax, and the solid form of this blend makes it an easy product to use and to store and ready for use anytime you need to season your cast iron cookware.

The traditional cast iron seasoning method using vegetable oils does not guarantee the best seasoning every time, and with continuous use and cleaning of cookware, the seasoning may come off in small black flakes. This is due to the kind of vegetable oil used for seasoning and the oil amount. However, the unique applicator of Crisbee Stick makes it is easy to spread the oil evenly all around the cookware, and the oils in Crisbee Stick are natural vegetable oils best known for ideal long-lasting seasoning that reduces sticking and to prevents rust.

Crisbee Stick can also be used on other materials of cookware that require seasoning such as carbon steel, and can also be used on wooden cutting boards and on knife wooden handles to isolate them from moistures and liquids. It is also safe since it is made from natural oils.

Non-GMO soybean oil, non-GMO palm oil, beeswax.
Net weight: 65 grams.

Made in the United States of America.


Price :  SR  85

Part-Number: CR-1025237P04


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