GRAVITY slicing kit fits on the slider of de Buyer's mandolines. (SWING - REVOLUTION - VIPER - VANTAGE)
Thanks to the force of gravity, this innovation guides the cutting of the longest and the smallest fruits and vegetables.
The tubular accessory allows to make quickly, effortlessly, waste free, and safely, rings of cucumbers, carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms...

How does it work ?
Put the tubular accessory on the slider, introduce the food into it, and then with a gesture of back and forth, the food is cut.
Practical, a pusher can be inserted into the tubular accessory to keep small and light fruits and vegetables.
Size: H14.5(cm) ⌀5 (cm)   0.18kg) - Grey 

Price :  SR  78
SR  66.30

Part-Number: DB-115201584
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