Jean Dubost "1920" Kitchen Knife Set(Oak Wood)\2014518-I322


An essential set of kitchen knives from the environmentally-friendly "1920" range from Jean Dubost for preparing foods and cooking your favorite recipes. The set contains the main knives that can do all the jobs you need in the kitchen easily, quickly, and efficiently. Designed with ergonomic handles for better and comfortable handling, and with half bolsters for lighter weight, and easier sharpening for the whole blade. The blades are extremely sharp for easy cutting, chopping, mincing, garnishing, and all food preparation tasks.

Made in France.

Set consists of: chef knife, utility knife, and paring knife.
Made from hardened stainless steel, and handle made from natural oak wood.

Handwash only, do not clean in dishwasher.

Item number: C0006990PEF190

Price :  SR  332
SR  265.60

Part-Number: JD-1150PEF190
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