Macaron Kit 2(5 Pcs) \ 4856.02

This kit, specially designed to help you make Macarons, is comprised of a stainless steel sieve with 21 cm diameter, a flexible Maryse spatula for working with cold ingredients, a flexible plastic scraper, a solid stainless steel nozzle with 8 mm diameter, a leak-proof coated cotton pastry bag, a special silicone pastry mat for Macarons and a recipe card for Macarons. The markings on the silicone mat make it possible to measure out the macaron biscuit with the nozzle-tipped bag. This kit groups the essential baking utensils and also makes it possible to prepare numerous other desserts and delicacies such as cream puffs, meringues, buttercream decorations

Price :  SR  168
SR  142.80

Part-Number: DB-1010226.02
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