Magnetic holder walnut wood 30 cm \ 7222-30 -I315

The 30 cm Wüsthof magnetic knife strip made from walnut wood is a stunning, easy and safe way of hanging your favourite kitchen knives. It looks great in your kitchen and you will never damage your knives as you might when you place them in your kitchen drawers!

This magnetic strip is made from oiled walnut wood. This wood has a dark, warm and luxurious look and feel. Because of the straight grain it also looks sleek. In addition, it hardly absorbs any moisture which is why it is known as a type of wood that will last for years.

You attach the magnetic strip to the wall with the included mounting bracket and two screws (also included). Afterwards you can easily click the wooden magnetic holder onto the mounting bracket. As a result you won't see the bracket or screws and the magnetic strip is tightly secured on the wall.
Colour brown
Material american walnut
Dimensions & weight
Weight 865 grams
Length 30 cm
Width 6.5 cm

Price :  SR  246
SR  221.40

Part-Number: WS-1027222/30
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