Nature Premium Briquettes (9 kg) \ 17931-I51


High quality BBQ briquettes from the famous Danish briquette manufacturer, Nature of Barbecuing. These briquettes are Eco-friendly and made of coconut shells harvested in a sustainable manner, and are superb at the grill with very long burn time and stable temperature. Ideal for grilling all kinds of meats, vegetables, and also for slow grilling, to enjoy delicious, flavourful, and well grilled dishes every time.

• Easy and quick to light
• Burn time above 180° C lasts from 220 - 240 minutes (approximately 4 hours)
• Maximum temperature when lit is up to 490° C, and lowers gradually throughout the long burn time
• Free from additives and chemicals
• Smoke and CO2 free
• Reusable
• Packed in plastic bags to conserve it for long time, and to protect it from humidity.

Weight: 9 kg

Price :  SR  86
SR  55.90



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