Oklahoma Joe's Butcher Paper (45 cm) / 7844466P04-G11

Oklahoma Joe's Peach Butcher Paper is ideal for wrapping  and storing raw meats or even cooked meats right off the BBQ grill. The paper can also be used for roasting, it is heat resistant up to 230°C and breathable to allow steam to escape and to create delicious bark, while the added sizing offers leak protection and strength when wet. Butcher paper is unwaxed, uncoated, unbleached, and FDA approved for food safety, and is packed in a resealable tube for easy storage.

Width: 45 cm, length: 30.5 meters.

Made in the United States of America.

Part number: 7844466P04

Price :  SR  184

Part-Number: OJ-1024466P04
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