Souffle Baking Dish (Burgundy)\ 346880-B31

A ceramic baking dish to bake sweet and delicious souffle, and serve it elegantly.
The ceramic is made from high-fired Burgundy clay which is great in conducting and retaining heat for perfectly baked dishes.
It is solid, durable and chip, crack and scratch-resistant.
Unlike other ceramic bakeware, Emile Henry's special ceramic can go directly from freezer to hot oven at +250°C.
The colorful glaze is particularly resistant to heat, dishwasher and the most aggressive detergents.
For oven and microwave cooking only. Dishwasher safe.
Available in different colors.
Diameter: 23 cm. Capacity: 2.45 liters.
Made in France

Price :  SR  173.04
SR  138.43

Part-Number: EH-1017346880


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