SITRAM SitraPro Pressure Cooker 10L (Lime Green) \ 711650

SitraPro pressure cooker from SITRAM combines French elegance, technical sophistication and convenience in use, while emphasizing safety. This makes these pressure cookers a staple in any kitchen to quickly cook delicious meals.

- Single-handed easy lock for easily and quickly opening and closing the cooker.
- The lid is equipped with a 2-stage pressure regulator for cooking at 70 kPa (10 PSI) of pressure, and for quick depressurization.
- The lid is also equipped with a pressure indicator, that rises when the cooker builds pressure within.
- The cooker is equipped with 4 safety systems to ensure safe cooking: opening safety feature, closing safety feature, overpressure safety valve, overpressure safety gasket extrusion.
- The cooker is made from thick high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, with a very thick base designed and lab tested for even heat distribution and warp resistance.
- It comes the following accessories: 1 perforated silicone cooking basket, 1 cooking spoon also designed with a hook to pick up the cooking basket, and 1 recipe book in different languages.

Color: lime green.
Diameter: 24 cm. Height: 22 cm. Wall thickness: 1.2 mm. Base thickness: 5.7 mm.
Capacity: 10 liters, ideal for 7-10 persons.

Compatible with all heat sources, including induction.
Dishwasher safe.

IMPORTANT: for safe use and care of the pressure cooker, read the included user's manual before use.

Item number: 711650

Price :  SR  672
SR  571.20

Part-Number: SM-1039711650
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