Steak Champ The Ultimate Steak Thermometer, 3 Color\10-5018-I22

Steak Champ is the ultimate steak thermometer for cooking every steak to just the right point.
Color-coded LED flashes when your meat is ready: super precise electronic temperature measurement (green=medium rare, yellow=medium, red=medium well).
Measures core meat temperature along the entire length of the metal probe, not only at the tip; Cordless stainless steel probe, compact for use anywhere. Safe and hygienic high-grade stainless steel housing.
Built-in battery lasts 20 years (minimum 1,000 steaks); handwash with water and little soap. 24-month warranty. Made in Germany.
* Not dishwasher-safe

Made in: Germany

Price :  SR  199
SR  139.30

Part-Number: SC-10310-2025


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