Zanmai Classic Pro Damascus Petty Knife (11 cm)\ HFR-8001D

Petty knife from Zanmai Classic Pro Damascus collection. A small multipurpose knife ideal for peeling, cutting, deseeding, garnishing and preparing foods.

Full length: 22.6 cm
Blade length: 11 cm
Weight: 78 g

Classic Pro Damascus knives are made from 32 layers of Damascus steel with core layer of VG-10 steel. The Damascus steel provides the knife with flexibility, while the VG-10 core ensures strength and sharpness. Unique patterns of handmade Damascus appear on each blade, making them beautiful and practical in your kitchen. The knives are finished with Hamaguri edges that are strong and ideal for cutting while also retain sharpness for longer.

Knives from the Classic Pro Damascus line are equipped with ergonomic handles made from red Pakka wood, which is a very dense kind of wood so it is strong and does not absorb liquids. The handles are fixed by two steel pins, and one stylish mosaic in. The bottom cap bears Zanmai logo and can be used for crushing garlic and for other kitchen purposes. These knives are well balanced for comfortable and perfect use in the kitchen.

Handmade in Japan.

Caution: hand-clean only with water and dish soap and dry immediately to avoid damage and rust. Do not clean in dishwasher.

Price :  SR  467
SR  373.60

Part-Number: ZN-115130001D
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