Zanmai Revolution Kiritsuke (23 cm)\ ZRG-1206G

Kiritsuke knife from Zanmai Ultimate Aranami collection. The Kiritsuke knives are Japanese professional chef knives that require training and practice to master using them. The long blades with angled tip makes them ideal for slicing meats, and cleaning fish and crustaceans, as well as great for other kitchen functions.

Full length: 39 cm
Blade length: 23 cm
Weight: 193 g

Knives from the revolution line are made from "SPG2" powder steel. This material is very popular among professional chef because it is hard and strong. The blades are made from 3 layers of SPG2, making them look like Japanese swords, with high contrast between the blade and the edge. These knives retain sharpness for longer, and the blade edge is at 61°.

The handles of the Revolution line knives are made from green Micarta, and have a unique shape with a decagonal design. The material and design of the handles make them very lightweight, and offer maximum grip and comfort.

Handmade in Japan.

Caution: hand-clean only with water and dish soap and dry immediately to avoid damage and rust. Do not clean in dishwasher.

Price :  SR  1,051

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