Breakfast Aid Set \13576

Three piece breakfast aid set consisting of egg topper, breakfast knife and honey spoon, which is a must-have in any kitchen.
Egg Topper: Opens any breakfast egg light as a feather! Simply put on, release and remove egg shell. No shattering of the shell.
Breakfast Knife: The wide stainless steel blade with sharp serrated edge cuts easily and cleanly. With the flat end of the blade, spread can also be easily removed and distributed from high vessels.
Honey spoon: In the space of each slice, the spoon absorbs a lot of honey The plate on the rod allows you to place the spoon on on the glass so that the honey can flow back.
Made of 18/10 stainless steel, hygienic and neutral in taste, special blade steel

Price :  SR  199
SR  169.15

Part-Number: RS-1026613576
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