Chicko Chicken Roaster (White) \ 12504 -I52

The is meat tender and juicy inside, crispy and brown on the outside. How does RÖMERTOPF® do it? Simply put the poultry on the roaster. Through the heating of the middle ceramic cone, poultry is evenly cooked from the inside and out. The resulting fat drips to the bottom. The Chicko Chicken roaster is designed for the crispy cooking chicken and other small fowls.
Available in white or brown.
Made from pure, natural clay, and glazed for easy cleaning.
Can be used in in the oven or microwave.
Do not use on stove top, as sudden and uneven increase in temperature may shatter clay pots.

Dimensions: Ø 25,0 H 18,0 cm.
Made in Germany.

Price :  SR  175
SR  131.25

Part-Number: RF-12504
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