Julibee 40 Years Edition Clay Pot (cap 3.5kg) \ 14005 -I42

Julibee range introduced to celebrate 50 years of best and healthy cooking tradition made by RÖMERTOPF®. The very valuable "Jubilee Clay Baker" is displaying the brand name RÖMERTOPF® and has been strictly designed and decorated in a Roman style. The embossed design with year date and wreath of honour gives the impression of a special exclusivity.
Ideal for cooking and serving as it preserves the food warm, and looks beautiful on the dinner table.
Made from pure, natural clay, and glazed from the inside for easy cleaning.
Can be used in in the oven or microwave.
Do not use on stove top, as sudden and uneven increase in temperature may shatter clay pots.

Dimensions: 34,0 x 24,5 x 19,0 cm.

Capacity: 3.5 kg of meat, suitable for 4-6 persons.

Made in Germany.

Price :  SR  266
SR  199.50

Part-Number: RF-14005
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