Deep Storage bowl 27 cm (Burgundy) \ 348764-B22

Created with a clever design and using natural materials, ideal for storing fresh produce––the Deep Storage Bowl performs on 2 levels. The cork lid serves as a fruit bowl and provides an elegant presentation. The ceramic base offers a space for keeping onions, potatoes as well as other roots like garlic and ginger, fresh and out of sight.  Under the lid, the lack of light slows down germination, and 3 small holes provide just the right amount of ventilation. Coupled with the insulating properties of cork and ceramic, the Emile Henry Deep Storage Bowl recreates conditions similar to those of a cellar, right in the heart of your kitchen.  The upper cork portion hosts with care even the most delicate fruit. Resting on the cork surface makes a fruit less likely to spoil at the point of contact. Different culture handed-down tips rely on the idea that cork helps keep the fruit flies away and absorb the humidity the fruit might release. This is what makes the Deep Storage Bowl so special along with its elegant looks. All Emile Henry products are made in France and offer a ten-year guarantee. Weight : 2,23kg / 4.91Lb
Length : 27cm / 10.55in
Height : 18,5cm / 7.28in
Inner length : 25,5cm / 10.03in
Inner height : 13cm / 5.11in
Max capacity : 4,7L / 158.92OZ

Price :  SR  381.74
SR  305.39

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