Knob Fish Lid accessories \ 1190105 -I22

The fish animal-knob from the Staub Accessories range can be used to label a fish pot or serve as decoration. It fits lids on Staub  with diameters from 18 cm – 41 cm. The unique knob can be quickly and easily exchanged for another.

It is made from stainless steel. It has a silvery sheen to match any of the distinctive colours used by Staub . With the fish animal-knob, you can give your cookware individuality, or reserve a pot for cooking delicious fish recipes.

Accessories for roasting pan
For the individual touch of your roasting pan


Heat Resistance: yes
Height: 4.3 cm
Length: 8 cm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Width: 1.6 cm
EAN: 3272341901057

Price :  SR  95
SR  66.50

Part-Number: ST-1090570105
We currently have 8 in stock.


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