Baking and working mat PAD

Clean and easy preparation of cakes, pastries, pies, pasta, pizza etc. with the practical PAD baking and working mat. Not only does it protect the work surface when kneading and rolling, it also ensures particularly even and precise results with its non-stick action and practical scale.

• special silicone coating: Non-stick action for effortless rolling, kneading, baking and freezing• anti-slip action for a secure grip on all work surfaces• practical measuring scale for round and square shapes• conversion tables for quantities and measurements• tasteless and odourless• heat-resistant up to 230 °C• cold-resistant down to -40°C• can be rolled up and stored in a space-saving way• wipe with a damp cloth for easy cleaning• not suitable as cutting surface
Materials: silicone / glass fibre mesh
Dishwasher safe
Size (l/w/h in cm): 70 x 50 x 0.04
Weight (in kg): 0.17

Price :  SR  125



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