Non-stick frypan CHOC EXTREME 24 cm

The even and controlled cooking process provided by the thick cast aluminium makes it particularly suitable for cooking delicate food, such as certain types of fish. The exceptional non-stick performance of the coating lets you cook with very little fat. Very easy to clean with hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge. The fry pan is suitable for any cook top, including induction.

Unlike what you might think, the non-stick pan is a specialist... perfect for gently cooking fish, vegetables, legumes, grains, etc. without letting them colour. I’m also ideal for simmering stews, reheating ready-meal elements and thickening sauces without affecting taste, colour or flavor. I’m not a generalist pan: if you want to sear, brown or grill, use a steel pan instead. Heat source - Heat source - All stoves and oven
Material - Non-stick cast aluminium
Variation - Ø 24cm
Materials - Non-stick
Induction - Yes
Fixed or removable handle - Fixed
Diameter - Ø 24cm


Price :  SR  587

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