Non-stick silicone baking mat 60X40cm\4931.58N-D2127

Thick baking mat made from silicone-coated glass fibre canvas, can be used for hot or cold work to replace disposable baking paper.
Multifunctional: used as a support for baking, refrigerating, deep-freezing and blast-freezing...
Excellent non-stick properties: for easy pastry removal.
Perfectly flat seamless mat: pastries with an impeccable visual result.
High quality silicone: very resistant to both hot and cold (from -40°C to +250°C)
Mat designed for intensive use.
Durable mat: can be used up to 1000 times at high temperatures.

sizes: 60x40 cm

Price :  SR  125

Part-Number: DB-101493158N


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