Rotary grater TRANSFORMA®

Cut coarsely, fi nely or into slices: the multifunctional rotary grater with its extra sharp LASER CUT drums processes fruit, vegetables, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate, nuts etc. … at a fl ick of the wrist.

• multifunctional: for vegetables, fruit, cheese, chocolate,
nuts etc…
• with 3 extra sharp LASER CUT drums: for fi ne fl akes,
coarse gratings or thin slices
• comes with a pusher for safe insertion
• comes with spatula• high base for work with high-rimmed bowls
• detachable casing
• easily transformed into a meat mincer using bayonet lock
(supplement item 19020, meat mincer attachment)
• with suction foot and extra wide table clamp for worktops up to 8 cm / 3 in. thick• additional drums: supplement items 19010 “crown grater” and “Bircher grater”• all parts are dishwasher-safe (except for the base)

This multifunctional rotary grater with its three extra sharp LASER CUT drums transforms vegetables, fruit, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate and nuts into fine flakes or coarse chippings. Thin slices of cucumber or potato are also easy and safe to make. The grated or sliced material easily slides out of the conical drums. Safe insertion is guaranteed by a practical pusher. The extra high base allows even high-rimmed bowls to be placed underneath the rotary grater. A safe stand is ensured by a suction foot which can optionally be fastened to worktops or table tops up to 8 cm thick by means of a table clamp.
Materials: high-grade stainless steel / plastic
Not dishwasher safe
Size (l/w/h in cm): 13.4 x 27.1 x 28.3
Weight (in kg): 1.44

Price :  SR  499

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