Roundstainless steel tart fluted mould,non-stick baking sheets, Ø28 X2.5-D2112

Ultra resistant stainless steel perforated mould
perfect for sweet or salted tarts.

Suitable for intensive professional use.
Cold or hot use without temperature limit.
Perfectly even and optimized cooking thanks to the 2-mm perforations on the whole
Removable bottom: easy unmoulding and easy cleaning.
Easy care of the stainless steel. Dishwasher safe

Mould supplied with a nonstick baking sheet.
Cut to the shape of the mould. Fits perfectly into the mould. Time saving and higher productivity.
Reusable over 200 times. Use T° from -170°C to + 260°C (-274° to 500°F)
Removable : possible to use the st/steel mould alone or with the baking sheet.

Price :  SR  255.65

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