Gourmet Spatula 17cm (7")-9035092117-I311

The kItchen utensIl that makes a dIfference. Whether It's Scotch pancakes, frIed eggs, fIsh fIngers, or steak, thIs turner can lIft, flIp and transfer wIth ease. UnlIke many sIlIcone spatulas, the very thIn blade of the WÜSTHOF 7" Slotted FIsh Spatula slIdes easIly under anythIng you wIsh to turn, whIle the slots In the turner ensure that fats and other lIquIds draIn away easIly. Any utensIl wIth a staInless-steel blade should only be used wIth care on non-stIck pans as the blade could easIly damage the coatIng.

Price :  SR  209

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