Steak knIfe set, 4 pcs - 1070560402- I319

"The elegant WÜSTHOF Ikon 4-PIece Steak KnIfe Set Is, lIke anythIng and everythIng WÜSTHOF, crafted In a centurIes-old global destInatIon for knIfe artIsanshIp: SolIngen, Germany. The extra-sharp blades of these 4 1/2"" steak knIves are precIsIon forged from a sIngle pIece of specIally tempered WÜSTHOF steel, whIle the sophIstIcated handles are desIgned for a comfortable grIp. Ikon steak knIves slIce perfectly through your favourIte meat and vegetable dIshes and complIment any table settIng beautIfully.
ManufacturIng method: Forged
Product type: Steak Sets
SerIes: Ikon"

Price :  SR  1,499

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