Decorating spoons KULINARI, 2 pcs

Whether it's for the raspberry coulis to go with the dessert, the wasabi paste next to the sushi or the herb sauce decoration next to the appetiser, skilful decoration has never been easier! The fine KULINARI decorative spoons allow imaginative spirals, waves, dots or even lettering to be added to any dish. Simply take a little sauce, place the tip of the spoon on the plate and glide it across the porcelain.

two spoons with different quill sizes for easy dosing and creative decorating
fine pouring spout to create precise lines and delicate patterns
ergonomic grip
Dimensions of small decorating spoon: L 18 cm / 7 in., W 2,5 cm / 1 in., H 1 cm / ½ in.
Dimensions of large decorating spoon: L 20 cm / 7 ¾ in., W 3,5 cm / 1 ½ in., H 1,5 cm / ½ in.
Materials: high-grade stainless steel / plastic
Dishwasher safe
Weight (in kg): 0.074

Price :  SR  65

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