Knife block "Passion" 7 pcs \ 13384-A22

For maximum cooking pleasure, you need the right utensils. And that includes a good set of kitchen knives. Any one lucky enough to own high-quality knives should store them so that their blades cannot touch and do not pose a risk of injury when they are brought out for use. In other words, no kitchen should be without a knife block from walnut wood. This knife block set includes 6 knives, all offering long-lasting sharpness coupled with superior ergonomics. When their work is over, they can be safely stowed away in the knife block. There is an additional hole for a kitchen scissors.

The Carving Knife with its robust, slender, drop point blade is ideal for preparing all types of meat and for carving roasts.
The Bread Knife is ideal for cutting bread, rolls and baguettes. Thanks to its long teeth it can cut even crusty bread with high precision.
The sturdy Chef’s Knife with its wide, drop point blade is suitable for cutting meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Also superb for chopping herbs and nuts. The multi-purpose knife that no cook should be without.
The Utility Knife for chopping, turning and peeling fruit and vegetables. The drop point serrated blade ensures precise cutting.
The Universal Knife with its sharp blade effortlessly cuts through even tough-skinned fruit and vegetables, and hard-to-cut cold meats such as salami.
The Breakfast Knife has a wide stainless steel blade. The sharp serrated edge cuts easily and cleanly. The flat end of the blade makes it easy to remove spreads even from tall, narrow vessels.

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