Wüsthof Classic WHITE Utility Knife 16 cm/6'' - 1040200716-I318

The Wüsthof Classic White carving knife is, with its 16 cm blade, perfect when cutting meat and fish. But also cutting small pieces of fruit or vegetables is a piece of cake. So, secretly this is quite the all-rounder. The slightly shorter blade ensures that it is more flexible as you use it. In comparison to a chef's knife this kitchen knife is enhanced with a narrower blade.

Wüsthof Classic White blade: laser-sharp stainless steel
The forged blade from chromium-vanadium steel(X50CrMoV15) is forged from one piece of steel. The knife is sharpened according to Wüsthof's PEtec technology. This means that for each blade the sharpening angle is determined with the help of a computer. Afterwards the blade is sharpened with laser precision on a wet sharpening stone. After thorough inspection each knife will leave the production line, for a long life of intensive use.

The steel is modified as such that it will have a high hardness of 58 Rockwell. As such the knife retains its sharpness for a really long time. Don't worry if your knife loses some of its sharpness, simply move it over a honing steel a couple of times. The result is a razor-sharp knife that is amazing to work with. Steel:X50CRMOV15 High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Length:16
Overall Length:28.3
Construction:Precision Forged
Edge Angle:15°
Handle Material:POM
Handle Style:Triple Riveted
Handle Colour:White
Knife Style:Paring
Blade Length (in.):6
Care:Hand wash only; not dishwasher-safe

Price :  SR  429

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