Classic Colour Cook‘s knife Coral Peach 16 cm/6'' - 1061700316

The paring knife set includes several small kitchen knives to peel, carve, cut and clean fruits and vegetables.


Vegetable knife, blade length: 80 mm – 3.15″, ref: 3013.
Peeling knife, blade length: 60 mm – 2.36″, ref: 3033.
Wüsthof created a range of indispensable paring knives.

All the knives are hygienic, handy, dishwasher-safe and therefore suited to everyday use in the kitchen.
Four trendy handle colours.
Stainless steel blade.
Ergonomic and functional handle.
Wüsthof, a German knife-maker based in Solingen, famous for its high quality products. Wüsthof precision kitchen knives are goods of the highest quality, meticulously crafted. These knives are a pleasure to work with for both professional chefs and amateur cooks. The Wüshof knife series have different ergonomic handle design to offer comfortable feelings for all different likings.

Price :  SR  569

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