Whetstone - 3069720302-I324

WÜSTHOF Ceramic Whetstone.
Whetstones from WÜSTHOF offer outstanding sharpening performance.
Due to the very good bond and open-pore structure of the whetstones, new particles are constantly exposed during sharpening.
This combined whetstone has two different sides.
A coarse side for presharpening and a fine side for final honing.
Fine Grain ( 1000 / 3000).
For removing small nicks and sharpening blunt knives (J1000 grit) and for normal edge maintenance (J3000 grit).
Colour: blue / brown.
Length 20 cm, wide 6 cm, height 3 cm.
Please take utmost care when sharpening your knives to prevent injuries.
Suitable for use with water !

Price :  SR  328



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